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Measuring Success

"We're tracking the success of each piece of music as it is scanned by a smartphone.

This can inform us on which music is being played and how often so we can feed this real time data back to the Art Gallery and also the composers themselves. " said Peter Doyle who put this project together in partnership with Elaine Blake (Reading Museum Art Curator)

This is the first time, Reading Museum have used technology in this way to combine two creative art forms and also provide new outlets for original compositions to be heard by the public outside of the streaming platforms. 

"I'm planning to roll out this innovation to more art galleries throughout 2024 and get more composers throughout the country as part of my memberships of Musicians Union, Ivors Academy and Royal Society of Museums." Peter Doyle says.


Contact Peter if you want to try this in your Art Gallery

Abstract Art Project


in Partnership with 

Working in Partnership with Reading Museum, I've created a new music project asking musicians to compose music as a creative response to the Abstract Art Exhibition in the Sir John Madejski Art Gallery at Reading Museum.

As composers, our inspiration comes from many places and people. When Elaine Blake, (Art Curator at Reading Museum) asked me to view the Abstract Art Exhibition in September 2022, it inspired me to compose music and also I naturally wanted to include other composers in the project too as a test to see if visitors would be interested. I decided to use a QR Code next to the artwork as a trigger for visitors to hear the music through their own personal smartphones. 

There are currently 9 pieces of music composed and more on the way as I write (July 2023). The exhibition runs until Mid August 2023 


The Composers are:

Peter Doyle 

Maija Varvatsis
Chris Mitchell 
Noah Max 

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 14.21.43.png
Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 14.22.11.png
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